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Publishing and Film Production Professionals at Your Service

About the Company

At Fervent House Publication & Production Co. in Longview, Texas, we are focused on providing our clients in the US with unparalleled production and publishing services along with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will strive to meet or even exceed your expectations. With so many options to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We provide products and services to:

  • Ministries

  • Businesses in the Legal Industry

  • Corporations

  • Community or Global Leaders

Fervent House Publication & Production Co. has the right not to allow nor accept the following types of business order submissions: 

  • Pornographic Adult Businesses or Services

  • Businesses That Promote Violence, Bigotry, or Hatred

  • Businesses That Promote Illegal Activity, Including but Not Limited to Shareware and Any Type of Drug Use

We value our company’s principles and uphold its integrity as a Christian-based business. Browse the other pages of our website for further information, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Make sure to visit our website regularly for updates — there's much more to come!

Why Choose Us?

Fervent House Publication & Production Co. is unlike other establishments in the industry. We seek to address the unique needs of our clients by providing them with top-notch products and services all in one place.


Our Mission

The credibility of Fervent House Publication & Production Co. stands behind our founder and owner, Equallia Malone. Equallia is a profound minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a promising entrepreneur, and a nonprofit leader. She is also an author, a poet, a songwriter, and the mother of an amazing son.

Equallia understands the needs of pastors, ministers, business owners, and leaders. Her desire and mission is to provide our clients with what they need for their ministry or business to grow in a cost-effective way.

Meet the Founders

Equallia Malone – Founder and CEO

In addition to her other titles, Equallia is a Philanthropist and a certified personal care assistant (PCA). She also has a CRH in Radiology with a certification in phlebotomy apart from having 15 years of experience in retail management customer service.

Equallia’s vision to start Fervent House Publication & Production Co. came after that of launching a global Christian magazine. The magazine, since then, has been published under the company name, serving as a pathway to open doors for those seeking to better their lives. It has also reached new people and has been a blessing in the way God intended it to.

In turn, the vision for the company is to provide clients with the essentials needed to sustain and enhance their purpose or business.

On June 20, 2019, the Holy Spirit spoke to Equallia to start a new mission for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. It was about releasing Christian films that would spiritually impact the lives of many people under the production of Fervent House Publication & Production Co. On May 9, 2020, we will present our first film production at 11 selected AMC Theatres:

  • Texas

  • Longview

  • Tyler

  • Mesquite

  • Arlington

  • Frisco

  • Grapevine

  • Humble

  • Gulf Pointe

  • Katy

  • Louisiana

  • Baton Rouge

  • California

  • Los Angeles

The Christian Production Co. is expected to host over 8,000 guests with our first film release.

Equallia's desire for the company is to improve the lives of people around the world as God directs her path and guides her steps. She aims to have all of the company's products and services conveniently available at a reasonable cost. 

Click Here to Read Equallia’s Full Biography

DeQuincy Stanberry – Co-Founder

DeQuincy is a very special young man who loves the Lord Jesus. DeQuincy's mother, Equallia Malone, has appointed him co-founder of Fervent House Publication & Production Co.

In 2010, DeQuincy was diagnosed with autism, and it has always been a concern of his mother if he would ever be able to have a job. She made it a point to always include him in everything that the Lord gives her. DeQuincy is also the co-founder of the DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation, which his mother started in his honor to help raise awareness on autism.

Due to the new mission assignment with their upcoming movie TREASURED and its soundtrack featuring 13 of the 60 songs God has given Equallia within the last 6 years, the new film producers hope to release the movie in 2021.

The foundation’s mission statement for autism will change, and the foundation will become a humanitarian nonprofit organization. It will focus on aiding the homeless nation and helping to meet the needs of all humanity. God has instructed Equallia to help bring healing to people by obeying the scriptures, doing as the apostles did in Acts 5, and hosting a special national service for this cause.

DeQuincy helps his mom with the assignments God instructs her to carry out. He is the co-author of two publications with her, and he has also started a daily devotional. With a new goal of producing Christian films, DeQuincy has joined his mom and has helped in the production of THE SPOTTED COAT, a Christian film they plan to release in 2020.

Meet the Team 


Equallia Malone


DeQuincy Stanberry

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

DeQuincy Stanberry

Managing Editor

Billie Price

Creative Director 

Equallia Malone

Editorial Operations Director

Equallia Malone


Senior Editor

Equallia Malone


Directors of Photography

  • Jamye Perrelli

  • ShaKiethia Blount

  • Howard Swann


Copy Chief/Senior Copy Editor

Equallia Malone

Associate Production Manager

Equallia Malone 

Office Manager 

Rachel Johnson

Editorial Assistant

Gi Heaven


  • Cedric R. Crawford

  • Dr. Jennifer Jackson

  • Kinya Loyd

  • Cynthia McCullough

Public Relations 

  • Joynella Thomas

  • Shirley Jackson


Fervent House Publication & Production Co.


Ebony King


  • Tomeka Bluford

  • The Fervent Team 

Research and Insights

Executive Director

DeQuincy Stanberry


Imaging Director

Equallia Malone


Production Managers

  • Equallia Malone

  • Joy Thomas

Fervent Film Leaders

Here at Fervent House Publication & Production Co., our goal is to better others’ lives with our Christ-centered publication and production work. We believe that God has given us an incredible opportunity to serve the nation through the vision He has given us. Our servant hearts will help bring healing to the land (2 Chronicles 7:14) by demonstrating the love of Christ through obedience.

God is calling all spiritual leaders who are committed to serve. Please click here to join us on God's great call to His servants and win souls for Christ. Under His direction, help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across all 50 states and beyond by being a spiritual film leader with Fervent House Publication & Production Co.

Spiritual film leaders will be responsible in helping carry out our mission and reaching out to lost souls, the brokenhearted, the homeless, the needy, the poor, orphans, widows, and all of God's great humanity.

Spiritual film leaders will work closely with film technicians to ensure each presentation is properly set for viewing. By making sure it starts on time as scheduled, they are expected to handle each assignment in a timely manner and in its entirety. This assignment comes with a great responsibility and is extended to all that God desires and calls to help build the Kingdom of God.

They will ensure that all parts of God's assignment meet His expectations for His servants to experience a great spiritual awakening and divine healing. Moreover, they will see to it that Fervent Vision members leave each gathering or presentation of the Gospel of Jesus feeling renewed in mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

Join Here if You Feel God’s Call in Your Life to Help Spread the Gospel in This God-Given Film Ministry! 

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