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Fervent Editorial Standards & Content Guidelines

We value you as an aspiring Author, and are honored that you have chosen Fervent House Publication & Production  as your book publisher.

As a Christian based publisher and production company, we have Christian Standards which we will faithfully honor, and abide by as Jesus has commanded.

Fervent House Publication & Production will not, under any circumstance, publish or produce any manuscript, movie, or video containing inappropriate or adult content. We reserve the right to judge the appropriateness of the submitted content. Inappropriate content will not be considered and will be returned immediately.

*Personal Property Rights, Copyright Infringement, or Trademark Infringement.


Fervent House Publication & Production has a team of editors who will truly take your written work to heart. With respects to you as the author. Our Editors work hard to clean up your text, while carefully preserving your unique voice.

Fervent House Publication & Production Co., Editors pay attention to detail, with typos, and grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and capitalization. We understand there is nothing like the writers own words, and we work hard to maintain your vision that God has given you as a writer.


Under 8000 words + 0.05



Line Editing

Content Editing

Time 2-3 Weeks For Editors Review 

Contact us at and one of our Fervent Team Members will follow-up with you.


Fervent House Publication & Production has set forth these content guidelines, in order that we can help you achieve the work God has called you to. Please note that while Fervent House Publication & Production Co., may review your work and may suggest or require that you comply with these guidelines, any review that Fervent House Publication & Production conducts is being done solely and exclusively for its intended purposes. You may not rely on any review by Fervent House Publication & Production of your work, any results we may share with you or your acceptance of any changes suggested or required by Fervent House Publication & Production for any purpose whatsoever, including, without limitation, as confirmation that your work:

•Complies with these Content Guidelines

• Does not violate any applicable laws or regulations; or

• Does not infringe upon the rights of any third parties. If you have questions regarding your work's compliance with applicable laws and regulations, such as copyright laws, rights of privacy and publicity, liability and defamation, you should consult an attorney of your own choosing for such legal advice


We reserve the right to reject a work that contains any of the following:

Hate speech or any speech that incites violence or attacks, threatens, intimidates, or disparages individuals or groups based on attributes such as race, sex, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits

Graphic descriptions of sexual situations

Descriptions of sexual situations involving individuals under the age of 18

References to or descriptions of Animal abuse, or Sex Crimes against animals

Any other content that Fervent House Publication & Production Co. determines, in its sole discretion, that the publication or distribution of which may injure its reputation or subject it to public disapproval.

We reserve the right to reject a proposed book cover that contains images reflecting any of the following:

Nudity of any sort

Logos or registered trademarks

Celebrities, Public Figures or Famous individuals

Posters from movies, plays, concerts/events

Drugs or drug paraphernalia

Exchange Rates (currency)

We reserve the right to reject a work that contains representations or images of male or female genitalia if they reasonably can be included in one of the following categories:

Gratuitously sexual in nature

Depiction of what could reasonably appear to be an individual under the age of 18

Representations or images of male or female genitalia on the interior pages of your work are acceptable if they reasonably can be included in one of the following categories:

 HIPPA Violations, or medically-related content

Commonly recognized works of art

Lascivious Instruction Manuals

Lascivious Photographs

Lascivious Artwork


Autobiography/Memoir: Without written and notarized permission from the person, entity or legal guardians of the person mentioned, we reserve the right to reject a work that contains any of the following:

False statements of any kind, of fact that could harm the reputation of any identifiable living persons, companies or other entities either of a fact or implication that an identifiable, living person (aside from the author him or herself):

Exposure of a person who has committed a crime or was convicted of committing a crime

Depictions of unethical conduct

Depictions of immoral sexual conduct

Associated with insipid people

Depictions/Demonstrated professional incompetence

Invasion of financial irresponsibility or unreliability

Disgracefully Acts

Depictions of mental disease or disorder

Embarrassing private facts about any identifiable, living persons

Statements about an identifiable, living person that would lead that person to have hurt feelings because certain thoughts and feelings are attributed to that person or the person is put in a false light

References to an identifiable, living child that state as fact or by implication that the child was:

Sexually abuse and physically abuse 

The victim of a crime

A child's environmental privacy (Adoption, Foster Care)

Biography: Where the subject of a biography is a living person, we reserve the right to require written and notarized permission from the subject of the biography and/or from any living persons (or their guardians) and any legal entities mentioned therein. If the subject of the biography is clearly a famous person or a public figure, written permission may not be required, though permission from non-famous people mentioned therein may still be required.

Self-help / Textbook / Politics and History: You must provide proper citations where applicable

Translated Books: You must provide written and notarized permission from the owner of the copyright of the book in its original language in order to publish a translation of a book originally published in another language.

Endorsements: If you wish to include an endorsement or other statement about your book written by a person other than yourself, you must provide written permission to use the statement from that individual


Pricing Starts at $129 + Federal Filing Fees $65

A Copyright keeps your original work-songs, books, articles, art, photographs, movies, and more-safe from being used without your consent.


Written Works-Include books, articles, blogs, and screenplays

Musical & Dramatic Works-Includes songs, plays, choreography

Artistic Works-Include photographs, paintings, and sculptures

Fervent House Publication & Production Publishing Packages and Fervent Book-Festival Memberships comes with an all inclusive Copyright Registration. Fervent's Legal Team will insure your work is protected under the U.S. Copyright Law.

As a writer, Fervent House Publication & Production also ask that it's self-publishing members respect the rights of other Authors, Singers, and Producers works, and not infringe upon their works? Our Editorial Team, and Content Reviewers will review your manuscript submission, prior publishing, to ensure your written work does not infringe upon any other written musical, artistic works without written permission from the creator. 

Should our Team detect infringement, we will contact you, for legal documentation, that you have been given permission from the writer, or creator to use their works within your publication, or production.


The defamation of character that appears in print from, such as a book, is referred to as libel. It is very important that you understand and respect the rights and identities of people who maybe identifiable within your manuscript. We value you as a writer, and our standards to assist you with providing self-publishing services, respect the reputation of an individual named in your manuscript. Your statements towards people in your manuscript may not include any negative connotation towards the individuals reputation, nor invade their privacy, by revealing personal information that could be an embarrassment. As a writer and future Fervent Author you are required to protect the identity of others and respect their privacy.

DISCLAIMER: Communications between you and Fervent House Publication & Production are protected by our Privacy Policy. Fervent House Publication & Production provides publishing, print, design, and film production services, and self-help services at your specific direction. We are not a legal aide firm or a substitute for any attorney for your written works. We can not provide any kind of legal advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options or selection of strategies. Your access to the website is subject to our Terms of Service.

Service and Distribution Agreement

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