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Our Friends/Brother & Sister In Christ Jesus; Pastors Darryl & Tracy Strawberry Share Their Story!

Hi my name is Equallia Malone, Editor-In-Chief of Fervent Magazine and The Founder of Fervent House Publication & Production.

I must say that Pastors Darryl & Tracy Strawberry are two amazing and true Christians. I have had the privilege to meet,  minister , and have a glorious dinner with, whom I now call my Brother & Sister, The Strawberry's.

 They are the Pastors of Strawberry Ministries, in which they help bring restoration to relationships, and individuals that are spiritually broken. I must say that I truly thank God for allowing me to minister with my Brother & my Sister; Pastors Darryl & Tracy Strawberry.

May the Lord our God continue to richly bless you in all of His ways!

Love  You Pastors,

From The Fervent Team!


1989 I was introduced to a young man by the name of Cedric R. Crawford, he is very intelligent, smart, Oh! and did I forget to mention funny.

Cedric and I graduated High School together in 1989 and was separated for 24 years, via Facebook, the Lord brought us together again, and now we reach out to teens with our "National Teen Convention" which is held in Longview, TX.

Not only have we partnered together to motivate, and encourage our Teens to be great achievers, we also value our friendship as being world changers, and share ideas and get each others take on something that we might consider unusual. I thank God for allowing my classmate and I to come together for such a time as this and are able to reach out to people across the land and help make a difference in someone's life.

Cedric will be in Longview, TX; July 12, 2014

300 Tuttle Cr.

Holiday Inn Express

Longview, TX

To Motivate Our Teens Again, At Our "National Teen Convention"

Love You Cedric,

From The Fervent Team!