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                                    MISSION STATEMENT 

Being  the key source for an authoritative perspective in the  Christian Community,  FERVENT magazine  highlights  community  and  global happenings based on true life events, and stories and raise awareness on commemorative months.

"FERVENT" magazine is uniquely designed as the Lord has given, to change the lives of all its subscribers and readers, and with the intent to  help  prosper  the  lives  of individuals associated with it, and open doors for individuals that are featured in its monthly issues, as well as it's advertisers.

FERVENT  magazines  foundation  is  based  on Biblical Principals of Jesus  Christ. FERVENT  magazine  opens  its   doors   and pages to people of all ethnic groups, knowing that individuals will be transformed into a newness of life.

FERVENT  magazine  is on a MISSION to minister to a diverse group  of people  that  are  looking  for  a way of  escape from, spiritual,  emotional, mental, physical, and verbal abuse. Jesus said come unto me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Our desire is to usher the individual into the presence of  the  Lord  in order that He may  comfort  them and give them rest.  Working  while it is day. For the  Harvest  is  plenty , but  the  laborers  are  few.

We  welcome you to join us as we continue to seek the Lord for those that are hurting,  and  suffering, whether they are autistic, homeless, motherless, or fatherless; we aim to help bring healing to their souls.

Sharing   your   testimony/inspiring  story,  and  talents   with  "FERVENT"  magazine   can   help   someone  heal  and overcome fears. We  want to hear  your  story. Help  us make a difference around the globe. We  have  the key to help unlock the door of blessings for you.


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Equallia Malone

Equallia Malone is the CEO/Founder of both Fervent Magazine & Fervent House Publication & Production Co. She is a woman of many voices that 

helps make a difference in our ever changing society. She is known as Ms.

Oprah Winfrey of East Texas, by her good friend Dynita Henderson.

Equallia is a minister, poet, author, songwriter, publisher, philanthropist, event co-ordinator, pca, gospel comedy performer, journalist, business owner, overseer of Holy Ghost Ministries of Longview, Texas, and an advocate of Autism, Lupus, Homelessness, and many other life changing issues and  challenges that impact the lives of many across the globe.

In 2005-2006 Equallia was a cast member with a production company in Atlanta, Georgia. Her participation doing stage plays and touring with the 

production company opened up a whole new world for her and her son.

In 2010 Equallia moved to Longview,Texas under the direction from God to take care of the three angels. Stepping out on faith and moving to a strange land where she had no family or friends, was the beginning of her ministry and a complete transformation in her life.

In 2012 she was blessed to minister with Pastors Darryl & Tracy Strawberry, whom also is a 4 times World Series Champion, that God has called into ministry, with her marriage conference "The Love of A Man" which is a poem she wrote, and in 2012 wrote her first book using the title "The Love of A Man....Jesus" published by WestBow Press. The conference helps bring healing to hurting relationships, and teaches couples, and singles the foundation and Biblical Principals of all relationships. And shortly after found "Three Angels Covenant Care".

July 2013 it was placed on her heart by God to start a Foundation to help support, and raise awareness on Autism, while teaching families to pray for Gods divine healing for all that are impacted by this heart breaking disorder. The Foundtion is named in respects to her son whom also struggles with Autism, "The DeQuincy  Stanberry Malone Foundation". She also hosted her 1st National Teen Convention, with Motivational Speaker/Peek Performance Coach of Bakersfield, California,

Cedric R. Crawford.

April 5, 2014 Equallia launched "Fervent House Publication & Production Co." and "Fervent Magazine" at her 1st Seven-Up Manna Fest Celebration, with her Ministry Panel consisting of 49 leaders in the Body of Christ.

Currently Equallia is working on her third book "Gone Fishing" which her son will Co-Author, as he also Co-Authored their latest release "The Message".

Equallia has many projects and accomplishments that she plans on carrying-out as the Lord continues to open new doors for her and her son within the next 3-5 years.

In 2015 Equallia plans to launch her Radio Talk Show, and Television Talk Show. And 2016 her TV Series; "The Message" from her book "The Message".

Equallia's most important things in life are to obey the voice of the Lord, love Him with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength, to love her neighbor as she loves herself, and help her son achieve his goal in becoming an animated movie maker.

Equallia writes daily, and interviews people with inspirational and life changing stories for "Fervent Magazine" in hopes that the shared stories will bring healing to all readers, and our hurting nations.

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No one of us is greater than the sum of us" is the first comment that comes to mind when I attempt to describe the core  foundation  and  objective  of "Fervent Magazine."

A brain child of Equallia Malone that has a chance to become a juggernaut that creates a platform for what  the "Good Book" has  referred  to  as "the least of these" to express themselves and make their voices heard.

An  electric  mix  of  personalities,  opinions and best practices all with an underlying  mission  to  make  the  readers better in some way is the M.O. (mode of operation) for "Fervent Magazine."

I'm  am a huge fan of people leveraging their story so that others  may  be positively effected and, no doubt, "Fervent Magazine" is poised and ready  to knock it out the park.

Being a Peak Performance Specialist and Success Coach over years, I've always  believed that  the  best  investment a person can ever make is an investment in their own knowledge of education. To  that end, you can't go wrong by adding "Fervent Magazine" to your library of books that can make a   positive   difference  in   your  life  if  you're looking  to  grow  spiritually, emotionally, financially, and passionately.

                                                                                 Don't hesitate to make it your own. You'll be glad you did.


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FERVENT is a Christian Based magazine, for both Christians and Non-Christians alike. As a new publication, it has already brought excitement, and hope to many.

FERVENT represents the goodness of God, and gives Him all the Glory for the things that He is doing through FERVENT magazine to bring blessings to His people across the globe.

FERVENT offers protection, guidance, support, encouragement, knowledge, and hope to our readers by having available resources for the daily issues of life that affects us, and by offering examples of individuals that have over come crucial and life threating issues, along with tools for consumers to achieve their goals.

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                                   Jamye Perelli Photography



                                Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156  

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Characteristics                                                                 Audience                                                   Composition %   

 Readers Age 35-44                                                            5,345                                                              100.0


 Male                                                                                 2, 006                                                                35.3
 Female                                                                            3,339                                                                  64.7


 35-44                                                                              3,000                                                                  17.5


 Millennials (b.1969-1977)                                                 3, 219                                                                 34.3

Millennials represent the magazines largest generational segment.

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Circulation Snapshot

Rate Base: 5,000

Circulation: 5, 080

Subscription: 100 %

Newsstands: 0 %

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Audience: Voice of the reader

I am excited about FERVENT and the direction in which it is headed. The stories are true and relevant to my life.

FERVENT magazine is very inspiring. It has a lot of great articles that I find very encouraging and rewarding.

FERVENT magazine is informative, thought-provoking  and a joy to read. I am looking forward to receiving my next issue.

Reading FERVENT gives me insight into our community, and global affairs, their accomplishments, testimonials,  events,

and celebrations.

~Rachel Johnson~

The first issue of Fervent Magazine opened my eyes to true life stories of some of the things that people

endure, and to see how they  have become "Over Coming Champions". I am excited about receiving and reading

future issues.

~Shirley Jackson Gant~

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Audience                                                             Composition %                                                Covering %  

(000)                                                                     Adult Readers                                                  Christians 

MEDIA TARGET                                                                                                                        

 Adults 18-34                                                            

 Adults 18-49                                                

 Women 18-34

 Women 18-49

 Women 50-70

 Men   18-34

 Men   18-49

 Men   50-70

 Median Age: 44


 $100,000+                                                      1,156

 $  75,000+                                                      1,884

 $  60,000+                                                      2,493

 $  50,000+                                                      3,090

 $  40,000+                                                      

 Median HHF:  $40, 167.00


 Own Home                                                     3,009

 Rent Home                                                     2,227


 Attended College                                           4,050

 Earned A College Degree                                2,005

 Currently Enrolled In College                         1,020


 Employed                                                     4,125

 Professional/Related Occupation                   1,222



 County Size A or B


 Single/Never married/ Divorced                     4,505

 Married                                                        2,230


 Children In Household Under Age 18

 Parent of A Child Under 18


 Black/African American



 Principal Shopper

 Head Of House


 Household Income

 Household Net Worth

 Number Of Children In Household


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FHPAP.COM users are 127% more likely than average Internet users to be women age 35-44. This does not include mobile/tablet traffic and visitors from outside the U.S.

Source: Vista Print SEO and Issuu SEO

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The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation/Awareness On Autism!


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April- Autism Awareness, East Texas Leaders, Angels Here On Earth, Near Death Experience, Endorsement, Becoming The Overcoming Champion, Recipes, Submission, Daily Scripture Reading, Christian Television, Relationships,Parenting

May- Fervent Special Edition 2016 |CNBC Blue Collar Millionaire Darnell Lee

June- Fervent Teachers Edition | Honoring Teachers Around The Globe |Fervent Teachers Awards & Book Expo REGISTRATION FREE

July- Stir The Gift Book Camp | Rigister Today.

August-  Exclusive story | Miss Danielle Jones

September- Bully Awareness, and Willing Vessels on The Call/The Praise.

October- Breast Cancer Awareness

November- National Adoption, and The Johnsons on adopting and raising four grandchildren at the age of 60.

                    DeQuincy Stanberry shares his life story on Miracles from God.

December- The Birth of Jesus.

January- National Human Trafficking Awareness

Feb- Black History, American Heart Month

March- National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 10,)

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                      Holiday Inn Express North Longview, TX

             Providing The Best Hospitality In Longview, Texas

                                        (903) 663-6464

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Brand Extentions

Seven Up Manna Fest Celebration- Fervent Magazine & Holy Ghost Ministries honored Jesus final words spoken from the cross,with seven key notes to represent the number seven  and its profundity, and a total of 49 leaders were called to fill the ministry panel 7x7=49 in honor of jubilee, and the Son of God, and to help bring healing to the land according to the book of Leviticus. Event was held in Longview, TX; Holiday Inn Express North, 300 Tuttle Cr.

Autism Awareness- With The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation

Lupus Awareness- With Editor-In-Chief; Equallia Malone

Homelessness- Raising awareness globally, (Partnered) with the Lydia Conference; Minister Kinya Austin to support women enterpernuers

National Teen Convention- Supporting Teens across the globe, and raising awareness on Dyslexia

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                                        Strawberry Ministries

                        with Pastors Darryl & Tracy Strawberry

Pastors Darryl & Tracy Strawberry are driven to see the multitude saved

and set free through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. They lived

defeated lives, separated from God, for many years. Addictions, abuse,

divorces, cancer, jail-time and other issues are just a few things that

plagued their lives.

In 2003, they had lost it all! But God's plan was not to be undone. Darryl

and Tracy found true redemption and restoration in Jesus Christ. Today,

they share their story as a powerful illustration of the true power of God

and His redeeming love. They are on a mission to lead people to Jesus Christ, and to restore lives and relationships

through the power of God and the process of change.


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MARKETING SERVICES: Fervent House Publication & Production

Beyond Print

Fervent House Publication & production Co. offers our clients services above and beyond the printed page. We have a wide array of products and services, and a variety of design and development options as well a large selection of business essentials to help keep your business or ministry moving forward.

Creative Custom Development

Layout and Design

Copy (Print, Broadcast)

Print High-Resolution


Online Surveys

Group Management


Mobile Marketing (QR CODES)

Social Media Campaigns

Production & Printing

Printing estimate and High Impact Development

Client Benefits

One stop shop for your custom designs, business or ministry solutions. With our owner averaging 16+ years in retail, advertising, marketing, and promotion experience, that covers a wide array of business and ministry categories, providing a deep consumer connection that can help your brand influence what people must have now.

For more information please contact your FERVENT sales representative at [email protected].

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                         Joni Lamb & Daystar Singers & Band 

                                 Our Partners At Daystar!


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      Contract & Payment


*Regional Ad Space and Material/Artwork Close Dates Are One Week Prior To Material/Artwork Ad Space And Materials/Artwork Close Dates.

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Magazine Advertising: Fervent Rates/Specs

                               National Rate Card #1 Effective                                

 March 1, 2014

4 / Color Interior

                                     1 time run                       3x                                 6x                                   12x

 Front & Back

 Inside Cover                $950.00                     $1050.00                      Not-Availiable                  Not-Availiable

 Full Page Bleed           $900.00                     $675.00                         $1350.00                        $2700.00

 1/2 Page  V & H           $475.00                     $255.00                         $510.00                          $1020.00

 Back Cover                  $1000.00                   $1140.00                       Not-Availiable                 Not-Availiable

PAGE: 19

-------------------------------------------------------------------FERVENT MEDIA KIT----------------------------------------------------------------

2 / Color Interior

                                     1 time run                          3x                                      6x                                12x 


 business card size          $100.00                         $90.00                               $180.00                         $ 360.00

 1/6 page                       $125.00                         $105.00                             $210.00                         $420.00
 1/4                               $135.00                         $120.00                             $240.00                         $480.00

 1/3                               $145.00                         $135.00                             $270.00                         $540.00

 1/2 Page                       $325.00                         $225.00                             $450.00                         $900.00

 Full Page                      $550.00                          $450.00                             $900.00                          $1800.00 

                                                                                                                          (Fixed Location of Full Page  Ad $15.00)

 Front Insertions            $750.00                          $975.00                             $1800.00                     Not-Availiable

 Inside Front Cover

        & Back Cover       $850.00                          $1020.00                           $2040.00                     Not-Availiable


Back Cover                  $900.00                          $1050.00                           Not Availiable              Not-Availiable

*Pricing Subject To Change + Ask About Our FREE Banner Ad

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Magazine Advertising: Fervent Mechanical Requirements / Shipping

 Full Page




 7.625 x 10

 8.125 x 10.5

 8.375 x 10.75

2/3 Vertical Page




 4.625 x 10

  5.125 x 10.5

  5.375 x 10.75

2/3 Horizontal Page




4.625 x 10

 8.125 x 7.5

8.75 x 7.75

1/2 Vertical Page




 3.5625 x 10

 4.0625 x 10.5

 4.3125 x 10.75

 1/2 Horizontal Page   




 7.625 x 10

 8.125 x 5.25

 8.375 x 5.5

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                                      Daystar Christian Television

                         Our Daystar Partners Covering The Earth!  

                                                  Dallas, Texas


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ORDER  6 FULL-PAGE COLOR ADS by Dece20, 2016


                                                                                        For Just $150.00 Each and Receive

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FERVENT magazine is a national publication committed to offering the very best in Business,  Spiritually,  Emotional,  and  Financial  development. We have  an  award-winning  brand  that  generates  loyalty from readers of all walks of life.

                                  Pastor Tracy Strawberry


                          CONTACT your FERVENT magazine representative and reserve your ad space today.

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Banner Advertising

               3 Month

Platinum Banner Ad Package : Banner Ad placed on our Company Website Home Page for only $325.00

                                                           Package Include: Placing your company ad on the right side of our  home

                                                                                          page,  as   well   as  on   our  company  Directory  page,

                                                                                          company   Facebook   page,  and    Fervent   Magazine

                                                                                          Facebook page. Your ad will be linked to your company

                                                                                          Website. (+ 1 Half Page  FREE BONUS Ad in Fervent


            3 Month

Gold Banner Ad Package: Banner Ad placed on our Company Website Directory page for  only  $300.00

                                                  Package Include: Banner Ad placed on Company Directory page,  Ad  will  be

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                                                                                 Banner Ad on our Company Video page.


              2 Month

Bronze Banner Ad Package: Banner Ad placed on our Company Website Directory page  for  only  $275.00

                                                       Package Include: Banner   Ad  on our  Company  Website  Directory  page, Ad

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                                                                                      Card size Ad 1/12 in Fervent Magazine.

             2 Month 

Silver Banner Ad Package: Banner Ad placed on our Company Website Directory page  for  only  $200.00

                                                   Package Include: Banner Ad on our Company Website Directory page, Ad will

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                                                                                  Business Cards for your Company.

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                                                                               Slide Show Banner Ad


                                                          3  Month Slide Show Banner Ad for only  $450.00

                                                            Package Includes: Slide Show on our Company

                                                          Website Directory page w/10 image inserts of your

                                                          Company's establishment or brand name products

                                                            and services + 1 FREE Full Page Ad in Fervent

                                                        Magazine, + you get a 14% Discount. You pay only



We help business owners improve their reach!

Let Us Help You

Does your services benefit others?


Fervent Magazine can help your company grow.

Your Market Reach!

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--------------------------------------------------------------FERVENT MEDIA KIT--------------------------------------------------------------------

2014 Fervent Magazines Advertising Terms & Conditions

The following are certain general terms and conditions governing advertising published in the U.S. Print editions of FERVENT Magazine, published by Fervent House Publication & Production Co. "the publisher".

A.) Rates are based on average total circulation, effective with the issue dated April 2014. Announcement of any changing rates and/or circulation rate base will be made in advance of the magazines advertising sales close date of the first issue to which such rates and or circulation rate base will be applicable. The Magazines Rate Card specifies the publication schedule of the Magazine, and its on-sale dates.

B.) An advertiser running a full-run qualify advertisement in the Magazine will automatically run in the print edition of the Magazine, unless the advertiser explicitly opt-outs in writing , either on the insertion order or via email, by no later than the ad close date. In the event advertiser opts-out of running the print edition of the Magazine for any reason other than legal or regulatory  considerations that advertiser reasonably  believes would prevent the advertiser's ad placement will no longer be deemed a "full-run" basis, and advertiser would therefore not be entitled to the benefits of advertising on a full-run basis (by way of example and not limitation, the advertisement would not be eligible for IST credits and may not be considered for other preferred placements. Certain advertisements that are not standard and/or full-page run-of-book advertisements may not qualify to run in the print version , including but not limited to scented units, non-standard fractionals  (such as fractionals that are less than 1/3 page) and business reply cards. Please consult the Publisher for details. If an advertiser elects to opt-out the printed edition, such opt-out will apply to all devices and platforms.

The Magazine is currently  viewed from one format:

C.) A straight from print magazine format, which is an exact reproduction of the design and content of the print version of the Magazine (the "Straight From Print Magazine Version"). Please consult the Publisher for details.

Qualifying Advertisers running in the Straight From Print Magazine Version, will automatically run in a straight from print advertising format. Please consult the Publisher for details.

With respect to qualify advertisements in a straight from print advertising format, if a URL exists in the print creative, such URL shall be automatically activated unless advertiser notifies Publisher otherwise in writing; if the Print Creative has multiple URL's, Publisher shall activate the brands main URL unless notified otherwise in writing.

D.) Advertisers may not cancel orders for, or make changes, advertising after the closing dates of the Magazine.

E.) The Publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising materials by the advertiser, (including

errors in key numbers) or for changes made after closing dates.

F.) The Publisher may reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time. Advertisements simulating the Magazines editional material in appearance or style or that are not immediately idintitiable  as advertisements are not acceptable. All advertisements, including without limitation those for which the Publisher has provided in the Magazine subject to the representation by the advertiser that they are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof  in all applicable editions, formats and derivations of the Magazine and that such publication will not violate any laws, regulations or advertising code or infringe upon any right of any party. In consideration of publication of advertisments, the advertiser will severally, indemnify, defend and hold the Publisher harmless from and against any and all losses and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney's fee's) (collectively, "Losses") arising out of the publication of such advertisements in all applicable editions, formats and derivations of the Magazine including, without limitation, those arising from third party claims or suits for defamation, copyright or trademark infringement, misappropriation, unfair competition, violation of the Lanham Act or any rights of privacy or publicity, or any unfair commercial practice or misleading advertising or impermissible comparative advertising or form any and all claims or regulatory breaches now known or hereafter derised or created (collectively "claims"). In the event the Publisher has agreed to provide contest or sweepstakes management services, email design or distribution or other promotional services, services in connection with an advertising commitment by advertiser, all such services are performed upon the warranty of the advertiser that they will, severally, indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless from and against any and  all Losses arising out of the publication, use or distribution of any materials, products (including , without limitation , prizes) or services provided by or on behalf of the advertiser, their agents, and employees, including without limitation, those arising from any claims.

G.) In consideration of the Publisher's reviewing for acceptance of any advertising for publication in the Magazine, the advertiser agree not to make promotional  or merchandising references to the Magazine in any way without the prior written permission of the Publisher in each instance.

H.) No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, orders or copy instructions which conflict with, vary, or add to these Terms and Conditions contained herein are inconsistent with any such conditions, these terms and conditions shall govern and supersede any such conditions.

I.) The Publisher has the right to insert the advertising anywhere in the Magazine at it's discretion, and any condition on contracts, orders or copy instructions involving the placement of advertising within an issue of the Magazine (such as page location , competition separation or placement facing editorial  copy) will be treated as a positioning request only, with a 15% location fee being applied. The Publishers inability or failure to comply with any condition shall not relieve the advertiser of the obligation to pay for advertising.

J.) Invoices are rendered on or about the 10th of each month.

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