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PASTOR: Brother Danny Warbington

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Fervent Film Committee


WRAPPED-is Fervent House Publication & Production Co., 1st Film Production which is scheduled to Debut in 11 select AMC Theatre's, May 9, 2020 and 10 select AMC Theatre's, June 20, 2020. The film highlights the Honor of Father's and Mother's, and is based on Biblical Principles Ephesians 6:2-3. The Film has a very unique way of honoring our Father's and Mother's on a broad scale. The Film features prayers and blessings to help support Father's and Mother's, nationally, that comes with life's issues.

The Film is the 1st of it's kind to ever be produced in the History of Film.

The Fervent Film Committee, works under the anointing of God, in order that its Films are not only something to honor or bless it's members, but an exciting time they want to attend!

With the Help of Pastors/Christian Leaders, Body of Believers, Teachers, Re-Tired Teachers, Professors, Athletic Directors, Administrators, Business Owers, Doctor's, Nurses,  Lawyers, Bankers,  Presidents, CPAs, Army Veterans, Christian Authors, Editors, Publishers, Women's Ministry, Police Officers,  Fire Fighters, First Responders, Hospitality Managers, Office Managers, Realtors, Janitors, Spa Owners, Entrepreneurs, Film Managers, Photographer's, Music Composers, Singers, Sing Writers on our Committee, we aim to organize Film Productions with our members in mind.

Members In Mind

That means!

*Awesome Christian Film Productions

*Spiritual Highlights

*Member Gifts

*Themed Shirts

*Associate Recognition

*Screen Honors

*Special Guest Featured In Fervent Films


*World Renown Authors

* Acess To Shop Inside WRAPPED Women's and Men's Apparel Shop's

* Private Auditorium For Member Groups for Showing of a Fervent Film of Their Choice at a AMC Theatre of Their Choice


While we strive to make Fervent Films exciting, and meaningful for our members, that's not the main reason that the Fervent Film Committee organizes its Film Productions. The biggest reason is this-our passion, and hearts desire  to see our members grow closer to God, and establish a personal relationship with Him, through Christ Jesus, is Fervent Film Committees key focus.

Fervent Films are God given, Christ-Centered messages, that He has instructed the Company to convey in the format of Film. Fervent Films gives  its members the opportunity to view a unique Christ-Centered film, with a special message, that helps with the challenges that comes with life.

God's Vision, Fervent Film Committees Mission!

Why Attend A Fervent Film?

* Great Christian Film Presentations

* Great Time Of Fellowship With A Body of Believers

* Receive Honor Gifts for WRAPPED


* Special Greeting Cards For WRAPPED Honorees

* Families Get To Honor Mom and Dad In A Special Way

* Special Tributes

* Mother's Day & Father's Day Prayer

* One Senior Mom & Dad Will Receive Special Honors In 2021 WRAPPED Film

* Special Guest Appearance

* AMC Gift Card

*Fervent Membership Card


What Should You Know?

The Fervent Film Committee, are excited to Co-Host WRAPPED-A Mother's Day Gift and WRAPPED-A Father's Day Gift in honor of our Father's and Mother's, May 9, 2020 and June 20, 2020, in select AMC Theatre's.

If you plan on attending WRAPPED-A Mother's Day Gift or WRAPPED-A Father's Day Gift? CLICK HERE to become a Fervent Vision Support Member. Fervent House Publication & Production Co., is a membership based company, and solely rely on it's Vision Support Members for financial support of God's Vision. Each Auditorium has limited seating.

All attending Members should plan to arrive at the Theatre location of their choice by 9:20a.m.

WRAPPED is a great gathering of Father's and Mother's , assembling together to view a beautiful Christian Film designed specifically to honor them, and a great time to show the Love of Jesus like no other.. Allowing them to leave the Film Presentation, feeling the Blessings of God bestowed upon their lives.

The Film will include a beautiful soundtrack from contempory artist, composers, and song writers, inspirational tributes, WRAPPED Prayers, Special Honor Highlights-A Walk With Andrew, Motherhood, and Fatherhood, Highlights, Associate Acknowledgemts, and a Awesome Credit Presentation featuring Fervent Films New Productions.

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To Honor God, and carry out His Vision by producing and Co-Hosting Christ-Centered Films, and featuring them on the platform of AMC Theatre's, So that the people of God can receive blessings, and healing from life's daily challenges, of spiritual warfare.


1.) First and foremost, the Fervent Film Committee will seek to honor God in every aspect in Production, and Co-Hosting Fervent Films for Fervent Members. Members of the Fervent Film Committee are expected to conduct themselves in a Christ-like-manner, with honesty, integrity, and uprightness while acting as representatives of the Committee, in honor of God.

2.) The Fervent Film Committee will, make announcements, put up flyers, and are asked to include  Fervent Film Productions on their websites or social media sites? And will help prepare Gift Bags and other services needed for Fervent Films to be presented, on a local and national scale, and encourage membership to aid in the growth of God's vision.

3.) The Fervent Film Committee has the sole Authority for approving all memberships for its Services and Film Productions. The Committee also has sole Authority to remove any person or Group from participating in Fervent Film Events and Services, in a Committee Meeting.

4.) All members involved in Fervent Film Productions must:

* Be active, confessing Christians

* Have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.

* Believe that the Bible is God's Word and standard for Faith and Daily Living.

* Be a Christian Role Model (Luke 6:40) in attribute, speech, and actions towards other's. This includes being committed to God's Biblical standards for moral conduct.

5.) The Fervent Film Committee has sole Authority for approving all volunteers that sign up for volunteer services


*Mulberry Springs Baptist Church-Hallsville, TX Pastor: Brother Danny Warbington

* Holy Ghost Ministries International Association Longview,TX-Founder: Equallia Malone

* Women Of Now Ministry-Dallas, TX-Founder Monique Jeffery

* Fresh Start Ministries-Longview, TX Pastor: Joy Thomas

* Triumph Church-San Augustine, TX Pastor: Elder Willie Johnson

* Chat & Chew Outreach-Longview, TX Founder: Stephanie Florence

* Hwy 80 Rescue Missions Ministers-Longview, TX Director: C.C. Gower

* God's Grace Ministry-Houston, TX Founder: Lowanda Garrett


VIP Alliance Video Production-Longview, TX

Media Quest Studios-Longview, TX


Danny Warbington

DeQuincy Stanberry

Kay Rowe

Gregory Rowe

Monique Jeffery

Joy Thomas

Dorothy Jones

Tony Wilson

Paula Lofton

Stephanie Florence

C.C. Gower

Dyan Gardner

Rachel Johnson

Willie Johnson

Tomeka Jones

Debra Moerke

David Fleming Jr.

Debbie Stuart

DarKiethia Lawson

Marilyn Lister Thompson

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