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Here    at    Fervent    House    Publication   & Production  we  care  about   people,  and  we understand that life can throw  you a hard ball, and that the hard ball that hit  you really had  a major impact on your life. We  understand  that sometimes  the  ball  hit  you  so  hard   that  it caused you to faint. We  understand that when you fainted in some cases  it took  the  spiritual life from you and in the  process you may have lost all hope, that you just gave up on  life, and that   you  thought  no  one  cared.  Well,  your Fervent  Team cares and we want to hear your story.  We    know   your    story   that   almost  took  your   physical   life, needs  to  be  heard. There   is   a    person    somewhere   in    this  nation that needs  to  hear  your  story  to  live. So  submit your  story  today  and reach out to the  person that needs to hear it the most.

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Thanks   for  your  submission, you  have  just taken your first step to help save many lives.


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You can upload a photo for your story and send it to, [email protected] and please include your name, and address as we have a  high volume  of  stories  so  that  it will be properly placed with the correct  story.  Photos  must  be 300dpi  no photos taken with cellular phones are acceptable due to poor pixilation.