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About | Equallia Malone/Founder & CEO


Equallia is a Profound Minister of the Gospel of  Jesus, Non-Profit  Leader, Promising Entrepreneur,  Author,  Song Writer, Poet, Philanthorpist, a Certified  PCA,  has CRH in Radiology,   with   a   Certification   in Phlebotomy,  along   with these credentials, Equallia also has 15 years experience in Retail  Management Customer  Service, and she is the mother of a amazing son.

Equallia's  vision  to  start  Fervent  House Publication & Production  came after  the vision to launch a "Global Christian  Magazine". The Magazine would  be  Published under the company name and is designed to be a pathway  of  open doors for those  seeking  to better their  lives, and to reach new people and be a blessing in  the way God would  have  it  to be. In  turn,  the  vision for  the company will provide Pastors, Ministers, Business Owners, and individuals in Leadership with the essentials needed to sustain and enhance their purpose or  business. 

Equallia's  desire  for  Fervent  House  Publication & Production Co. is to have all of it's products and services at a economical cost while making it convenient  for Ministers, Business Owners, and Leaders to get all their  

                                                                                        essential needs in one shop.                                    

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About | DeQuincy Stanberry/Co-Founder

DeQuincy  is   a   very   special   young   man   who   loves   the  Lord  Jesus.  DeQuincy's mother,  Founder   Equallia   Malone  has   appointed  him  Co-Founder  of Fervent House Publication & Production Co.

In 2010  DeQuincy was  diagnosed as being Autistic, and  it has always been a concern of his  mother, if  he would ever be able to have a job. So  it  is  her desire to  always  include him  in  everything  that  the  Lord  gives  her. DeQuincy  is  also  the  Co-Founder of  "The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation"  in which his mother started in his honor, to help  raise  awareness  on  " Autism ".


DeQuincy  is  currently  working  towards  his  High School Diploma  and will  graduate in the  Spring of 2015.  DeQuincy is  excited   about both  endeavors in which his mother has made him apart of and plans to help out where he can,  even  if he has to keep the office clean he said.

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